Constellation for Mobility 

Millions of weather sensors, ECU chips in a car, a mobile phone, a drone, and an IP-enabled traffic light all need to communicate in real time. Different protocols may be appropriate for each of these separate systems. Constellation is the foundational protocol that enables consensus across this ecosystem and tokenizes throughput to meet manufacturers demands.

A New Industry Standard

Constellation’s distributed ledger technology enables the mobility industry to customize connected vehicle solutions, creating better business to consumer outcomes for the automotive sector. Current technology is already ingesting vast amounts of data, but as of yet, there is no distributed system that can analyze and provide real-time updates across disparate inputs. Simply put, Constellation provides a protocol capable of ingesting and organizing data to meet the needs of new mobility technologies.

Mobility Prototype

Transportation Application Demo

In this demo you will see Constellation integrated on a custom Android App that is sending a real-time feed of location data to the Constellation Network.

This visualization shows the data being appended to our immutable DAG ledger, creating a provable and auditable source of location truth that can be queried at any time.

Informational Overview

Processing and Securing Complex LiDAR Data with Constellation 

There are numerous benefits associated with using LiDAR technologies. LiDAR collects data quickly and with high accuracy, and requires minimum human dependence because most of its processes are automated.

Despite the benefits, there are numerous points of failure that can occur when utilizing LiDAR that must be addressed to ensure sensitive data is both processed efficiently and secure at scale and in transit. Of primary concern is the large volume of data generated by LiDAR. In this paper, learn how Constellation is approaching these issues around data scaling and processing.

Constellation is a particpating member in MOBI which is a member-led consortium working to make transportation greener, more efficient, and more affordable, using blockchain and related technologies. Through research, education, innovation platforms, colloquiums, and working groups, MOBI works to create and promote high industry standards for smart mobility blockchain adoption.

Research Collaboration Study

Why Automotive Data Exchanges Fail in a B2B Environment

As consumers we are all facing a situation where companies are competing to gather as much personal data as possible with the services and products they provide.

This research paper is taking a critical look at the autmotive data economy in its current state by combining the data value chain and concepts of platform and sharing economy, reapplied in the context of mobility: Is data really the new oil? And if so – what are the conditions to translate data to economic success?

Research Authors
Sebastian Spitzer – Schaeffler, Hamid Derakhshanmanesh – Schaeffler, Lucy Hakobyan – Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, Benjamin Diggles – Constellation Network 

Connected Mobility Data Marketplace

The CMDM working group aims to enable a DLT based data marketplace for stakeholders of the mobility data space, including OEMs, insurance providers, advertisers, and others to effectively gather, record, access and share data with others. The group is working on standards for vehicle, infrastructure and user data and respective interactions exchange. The system will provide a foundation for applications to be built for a multitude of use, including but not limited to V2X data exchange, targeted advertising with car data, sharing/monetizing AV driving data for better driving algorithms through machine learning.

CMDM is chaired by General Motors and Denso, with the support from Accenture, Constellation Network, Dealer Market Exchange, Ford, IBM, Nucypher, Ocean Protocol, Swedish Blockchain Association.

Michal Filipowski, Venture Manager for Global Innovation at General Motors, discusses the role of the connected mobility data marketplace in the future of mobility.

This talk originally took place on November 13, 2019 at MoCo Los Angeles.

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