While 2018 saw Constellation join a pair of influential blockchain consortiums in MOBI and HyperLedger, we didn’t want to stop there. While these consortiums are focused on scaling blockchain tech to differing degrees, we felt that there was still a void to be filled in the space. We’re proud to announce the formation of the Scalable Protocol Alliance (SPA), which brings together leading blockchain protocols with the shared vision of building next-generation Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) focused on interoperability and cross protocol integrations.

Each member of SPA wants to expedite the adoption of DLT and blockchain tech by working together to flesh out proof of concepts, shared application development, and combing developer and marketing resources. The inaugural members of SPA include Constellation, COTI, BXB, Bucket, MIDO, Wanchain, Black Edge Capital & ORBS, and the group officially launched on January 17th, 2019.

“SPA will serve as a bridge towards real-world DLT implementation by conveying a message of stability, scalability, and accountability,” said Ben Jorgensen, CEO, Constellation. “We are using the technology to solve real-world problems, focusing on delivering enterprise-ready integrations across platforms capable of supporting consumer applications.” Our VP of Marketing, Zac Russell, shared the following as a reason for why we felt the need to fill the consortium void, despite already being involved in two others. “We wanted to create a group that was specifically focused on sharing technology and ushering in shared networks, as opposed to just loosely stating we want to ‘foster enterprise adoption.’”

DLT has emerged as a secure and scalable alternative to the current blockchain model, and part of the SPA mission is to raise awareness of the technology and address the skepticism that many have towards the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Each SPA member is taking a unique approach compared to legacy blockchains, ranging from DAG protocols geared toward enterprise use (Constellation), DAG payment networks (COTI), and blockchain networks geared towards interoperability and cross chain transactions (ORBS and Wanchain).

In addition to simply raising awareness and combating skepticism, SPA is also out to achieve a cross-network integration, a shared application build, and protocol measurement whitepaper in the year ahead. These deliverables will be worked on across a series of quarterly seminars and working groups, consisting of the technical and business leads of each project. In addition to the quarterly seminars, we’ll be rolling out a SPA conference and hackathon in Q3 of 2019, so stay tuned for more info on that as things progress.

SPA is poised to become a thought leader around promoting the scalability and interoperability of blockchain tech, and will be providing educational content and tools to the blockchain community at large in the coming months. This will include our protocol measurement whitepaper, proof of concepts, and future shared integrations between members. Here’s what Wanchain’s founder and CEO, Jack Lu, had to say around the necessity for the emergence of a group like SPA: “In order to reach mass consumer and enterprise adoption of blockchain, groups like SPA must collaborate to find the best solutions for the industry’s greatest challenges, including scalability and interoperability. Wanchain is excited to join forces with the other companies in SPA. We look forward to technical shared learning across teams, integration and co-development opportunities, and dev-focused events.”

Stay tuned as we’ll be rolling out some fresh content related to the formation of SPA, including more detailed introductions with each of the inaugural members.


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