Stargazer Mobile Privacy Policy



This Privacy Policy informs you of the ways Constellation Network (“we”) ensures the privacy and confidentiality of your user data. We are compliant with applicable privacy laws in the countries in which we operate. It is your own responsibility to read this Privacy Policy carefully before you start to use Stargazer Wallet (the “Wallet”).


  • Privacy is a human right and software should help protect your rights.
  • We don’t require you to register or log in.
  • We don’t have access to your funds via your private keys or any other data.
  • We don’t require your name or email address.



By accessing and using the Stargazer Wallet, you signify acceptance to the terms of this Privacy Policy. We may provide additional notices about the data processing practices of specific components or services within the Stargazer Wallet. These notices may supplement or clarify our privacy practices or may provide you with additional choices about how we process your data.

If you do not agree with or are not comfortable with any aspect of this Privacy Policy, you should immediately discontinue access or use of the Stargazer Wallet.



Stargazer Wallet does not require you to register or log in with any identifying information. You are not required to provide your name, email address, or any other contact information to use the Wallet. We do not collect your personal data or personally identifiable information as defined under the California Consumer Privacy Act, the California Privacy Rights Act, the General Data Protection Regulation, or any other statutory framework protecting consumer information. Accordingly, we do not have a mechanism to process deletion or erasure requests as no records exist to destroy pursuant to these laws. We encourage any user with questions related to this policy to reach out to our support team as provided below.



Your private keys will stay on your device. We do not collect or store your private key data in any form.


Your blockchain transactions may be relayed through servers (“nodes”) and will be publicly visible due to the public nature of distributed ledger systems.



Balances, transactions and other blockchain information may be read from or relayed to, third-party servers. While we do not collect any information not described or disclosed herein, we cannot guarantee the privacy of your internet connection.



Stargazer Wallet does not currently use an analytics service but may implement such services with or without additional notice. In the event of our deployment of analytics, the usage information collected and processed by Constellation Network or our analytics partners will be limited to non-personally identifiable information and will consist of error and bug reports, API calls, and responses generated by the hosted application. None of this information is personal or uniquely identifiable for any user of the Wallet and it is used for no purpose other than analytics and error reporting to improve the platform and complete bugfixes.



In order to use the QR code scanning feature of the Wallet, the app requires permission to use the camera function on your mobile device. Such use is limited to the local translation of such codes and no additional data related to the device or your use of it is collected by the app or stored by us.



Any personally identifying information which is voluntarily submitted, in the event of providing support, will be kept strictly confidential and never provided to third parties (other than in an aggregated, anonymized report such as the number of users per month). All Constellation Network staff are bound by confidentiality agreements.



Any questions about this policy should be directed to
If you believe we have infringed on your privacy rights, please contact our support team at Our support team can escalate your concerns to our designated data protection officer as appropriate.

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