State of the Union gives the most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of Constellation


 We are excited to finally share the State of the Union – 2019. What an incredible year. This truly is the Best Community in Crypto! Constellation is a data governed by users. You all!

It goes without saying that this year has established Constellation as a leader in the space. We might be small but we are extremely mighty. We have done stuff that no other blockchain company has done. We have set a vision like no other company has ever done… and we are revered by the Community.

2019 started out as “The Blackout Period” as someone in the community coined. Now we are a community that comes together and is building a truly decentralized network of data. We have the United States Air Force aligned with us. We have a vision that is unique and strong with technology that is going to bring about the next wave of cybersecurity.

What a year. $1M Market Cap in February. Negative users in Twitter. Now we see 500-1k new Twitter Followers a month and over 800k impressions. This is all community and all you!

Welcome to the Best Community in Crypto.
Happy 2019. Welcome 2020.
This is the year of Growth.