The Constellation Network & Protocol

Constellation is a distributed ledger technology known as a directed acyclic graph (DAG) protocol with a novel reputation-based consensus model called Proof of Reputable Observation (PRO).

The Constellation Network 

The Constellation Network is a collection of microservices – called “State Channels” – where each state channel validates specific data types with user-defined validation functions.

State channels form a distributed network architecture that can accommodate real world big data use cases. Developers can integrate state channels directly into existing applications, allowing for direct E2E security and a minimal seamless deployment. 

The Constellation Protocol 

The Constellation Network is powered by a secure communication protocol designed for wide open networks and concurrency. Our vision was not achievable with traditional Consensus models. Therefore, we built PRO from the ground up, incorporating machine learning to balance our complex network topology with a performance based approach to validator rewards.

Our protocol relies on a P2P reputation system, called Proof of Reputable Observation (PRO) that serves as our consensus model while simultaneously optimizing network topology.

The Core Elements 


A directed acyclic graph (DAG) which performs consensus concurrently and maintains topological ordering – designed for high throughput data pipelines.

Consensus Model

Proof of Reputable Observation. An evolution of distributed consensus incorporating P2P reputation models which couples governance and performance allowing for elastic infrastructure.

Node Validators / Miners

Distributed node operators that host nodes for validation. The nodes are rewarded to maintain and govern the network.

Application Support

Big Data on-ramp! This is our State channel interface for integrating existing applications and data pipelines into the network. These are developer tools for deploying State Channels with user-defined validation functions and heterogeneous data types. Developers deploy state channels ‘declaratively’ via this interface.

The Application Interface

Our SPORE application interface uses functional programming techniques from Type Theory to verify stateful composition of state channels, allowing for map/reduce/streaming queries across state channels to be verified and validated. This works by deploying ‘hybrid’ nodes which run multiple consensus processes on different types of data (thus across potentially multiple state channels) and facilitates the purchase/licensing to be brokered on the $DAG state channel (main net). $DAG is our financial state channel. This allows us to solve the oraclization problem for physical devices and APIs by creating a ‘Digital Twin’, associating data produced to a public key and direct E2E (end to end) validation.

Our Difference 

Cryptographically Secure

Constellation provides security to big data pipelines by storing transactional records in a computationally intractable data dependency graph of cryptographic key signatures.

Consensus as a Service

Existing consensus models lack concurrency and elasticity, requirements for large scale data processing. Constellation’s Proof-of-Reputable Observations is a P2P performance and reputation-based consensus that achieves both through automated federation and fault tolerance. Developers can integrate any API on either native or cloud server infrastructure on the fly, creating our notion of consensus-as-a-service.


Our belief in building for developers is reflected in the design of our application interface. Constellation is easy to integrate with existing systems and applications. Our JVM-powered microservice framework enables an effortless plug-and-play functionality with seamless deployment.

Scalability & Speed

Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day. Our network is built to accommodate the emerging needs of the ever growing big data industry. Speed and scalability are inherent in our horizontally scalable design – where speed increases with network size.

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