SPORE Platform 

SPORE is Constellation’s security, data validation and notarization across big data initiatives like artificial intelligence, enterprise software, and edge computing (IoT and Mobility).

A Powerful, Enterprise Solution

The Spore Platform abstracts our microservice application in familiar data science stacks, providing insight into security, integrity and state of your data pipelines. Developers can add or build connected services across closed/permissioned and/or open/permissionless networks.

Our platform directly integrates into existing big data tools, such as Kafka and Storm, directly at each stage in your data pipeline.

State Channels & Microservices

The Constellation network is composed of microservices called state channels, each of which processes its own custom data types and validates with user-defined functions.

Our application interface uses functional programming techniques from Type Theory to verify stateful queries and composition across state channels at the type level, allowing for state channels to be defined declaratively as map/reduce/streaming jobs across data sources and other state channels.


Multi-Domain Command & Control

When it comes to Big Data initiatives within the US Government, it doesn’t get any bigger then Multi-Domain Operations. A domain is an individualized group within the government that is much like its own business having its own rules of engagement and data. Constellation’s technology will help securely unlock traditionally siloed and non-accessible data and data sources. 


Model Based System Engineering

MBSE is a systems engineering methodology that focuses on creating and exploiting domain
models as the primary means of information exchange between engineers, rather than on document-based information exchange. Check out our NASA proposal that shows our approach on putting MBSE big data on Constellation’s network.

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Constellation is partnered with enterprise companies, institutional investment funds, crypto advisory firms, technology PR firms and Blockchain education groups.

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