The $DAG Token

Technically speaking $DAG is the financial state channel of the Constellation Network. It allows the seamless exchange and interaction between the various state channels and nodes that make up the network. $DAG binds the components of the network together and enables them to relate to each other.

1 Token. 2 Purposes.

While $BTC does not provide a utility besides a store of value, $DAG provides a second functional value as is tokenized throughput or bandwidth in the Constellation network. At the same time, basic rate-limited functionality will remain free, allowing users to send single transactions for one-off P2P payments. For any serious data processing or data exchange process more throughput is needed. This is acquired through $DAG micropayments or by contributing resources as a node operator to the network.

$DAG allows the attribution of value to data. It does not matter if it’s a single package of data or an entire data stream that is traded in real-time on an event basis– $DAG enables the decentralized data marketplace for the data economy.

It enables data-preneurship as individual and corporate users can securely and compliantly monetize on their data.

The Function of $DAG


As illustrated in the diagram above, the Constellation network is composed of $DAG nodes, state channel nodes, and ‘hybrid’ nodes – nodes performing consensus for multiple state channels and $DAG. Each state channel can ‘license’ or share its data to accounts, either by granting access rights via payment in $DAG or via a throughput allowance for validating data as a node operator (sole state channel node or hybrid). Hybrid nodes allow for direct license exchange via atomic commits from hybrid nodes. 


It is important to understand that in contrast to classical Blockchain solutions, the Constellation network architecture is based on the idea of microservices. That means that as the network adoption grows, different types of application specific or task specific hybrid nodes are foreseeable. Hybrid nodes ultimately will allow for cross-chain liquidity while $DAG is the financial aspects that ties all types of state channels, data or currencies together.

The Numbers

4B $DAG tokens have been initially minted.
Due to a commitment to more decentralization the Constellation Founders opted to burn 288m $DAG tokens.

Token Total Supply Circ. Supply MarketCap Price
$DAG 4,000,000,000 1,095,398,230 3,440,802 0.0031
*288m tokens burnt
Purpose Address Current Amount* Remarks
Validator 0x0EeF872B21cf4cfF3d793731CaEE6512211458F4 1,600,000,000 10 years from Mainnet start
Community 0xf38dDe18b63406a5815d1584334b68BafAbB696F 66,859,000 Distributed when needed
Advisors & Partners* 0x4231F1557bc0ad3D810E45AC35fBb3287FF2Cb53 114,474,965 Vesting until June 1 2020
Private Sale* 0x6120eF25715232Ed048eA8e59103a87ae95839bA 355,889,807 Vesting until June 1 2020
Foundation 0x786bde4504f9ea2Df104f593f056CD6e1A11C20a 32,526,146 Illiquid
Foundation 0x103B0055475A758a2b1A232aA734A4Ae0D776b06 501,607,623 Illiquid
Burnt 0x0704201907042019070420190704201907042019 288,000,000 Taken out of supply. Illiquid.

*Amounts change due to vesting

Purpose Amount New % Old %
Private Sales 730,124,83 19.67 18.25
Foundation 764,810,165 20.60 19.12
Advisors & Partners 537,065,000 14.47 13.43
Validator 1,600,000,000 43.10 40.00
Community 80,000,000 2.16 2.00
3,712,000,000 100.00
Burn 288,000,000 7.2
4,000,000,000 100.00